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Message started by Iamtehbest2004 on Jun 20th, 2004, 2:47pm

Title: Reading 1.15 replays with PHP
Post by Iamtehbest2004 on Jun 20th, 2004, 2:47pm

Hello, everyone.  I was referred to here by a member from wc3campaigns.  [BlackDick].  I'm trying to create a simple php code that would access the replays from a custom map we play "DOTA".  I made a simple script thus far that extracts the player names and what side they were on from information from other websites.  I was also reading somewhere about each unit has a ID.  And anything done in a game with these units, it would show up in the replay with the ID.  And being a map editor, I realized it's the same idea in the WE.  I was wondering if I got the ID numbers of two towers that are in the game,  if someone could tell me how to find out which one was destroyed.  [Theres 1 of each tower in the map.  A night elf castle, and the undead castle thingy lol.  To win the game, the first one to destory their opponents castle wins].   Can anyone please help me?  I'm sorry for being brand spanking new to your forums and already asking for the world from you (guys).

Thank you

Title: Re: Reading 1.15 replays with PHP
Post by Nagger on Jun 25th, 2004, 2:34pm

Unfortunatly in replays are no information about destroyed objects/units at all.

If you (later in a replay) did not find a former existing ObjectID, maybe the unit was destroyed.
But it can also mean that it was just not clicked anymore.

Maybe you can use the '0x17-LeaveGame'-Block or the trigger related actions 0x60 and 0x62
to detect the winner of a game.

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