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Message started by Soar on Jul 18th, 2004, 8:14am

Title: About the Skill ID problem
Post by Soar on Jul 18th, 2004, 8:14am

That is not skill ID, but order id, each order id could be translated to a orderl string, just like 0x0D0003 equals "smart"(right click)
The order IDs are used in World Editor
You can modify a skill's order string so that when you get "flamestrike", it could be not flame strike but another skill whose order string is changed to "flamestrike"

so we cannot assign skill IDs to a skill, but only a order string

Title: Re: About the Skill ID problem
Post by Nagger on Jul 19th, 2004, 1:42pm

I don't get it ???

The problem (as i understand it from your post):
One can change the 'flamestrike' in worldeditor to another spell. But in a replay there is still the 'flamestrike' id? So the replay-tools miscalculate the total number of flamestrikes?! (Ohh, thats really devastating ;D )

So the only chance to find the right action is to parse the map file!?

But that problem applys to many other things one can change in the world editor.
E.g. if you are raising the cost of a unit, its also not noted in the replay. So the replay-tools cannot exactly calculate the spended resources.

But i dont know if its worth to analyse the w3m files just to get these rarely used information. (since they are only useful for custom/szenario maps).

Title: Re: About the Skill ID problem
Post by Soar on Aug 2nd, 2004, 12:09pm

I mean in w3g_actions.txt doc, we should change the numeric ItemID descriiption. They are not assigned to abilities but only order strings.

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