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Message started by Boaster on Mar 4th, 2008, 4:04pm

Title: ShadowFlare Patcher
Post by Boaster on Mar 4th, 2008, 4:04pm

ShadowFlare Patcher v1.01

I am trying to use this, but I am not having very much luck.

I wish to replace a file within an MPQ called pic.mpq.  The file I wish to replace inside the MPQ is spells.lbm.

The directory in which the MPQ is located is D:\Sierra\LOMSE.

I've tried to get this to work, but no results.  I've even tried with a smaller archive and no results.

Help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Title: Re: ShadowFlare Patcher
Post by Ojan on Mar 11th, 2008, 11:33pm

I think you have confused things. Don't use ShadowFlare Patcher for that.

Use WinMPQ instead. Make a backup copy of pic.mpq that you can call "backup_pic.mpq" or something. Open pic.mpq with WinMPQ, select Mpq -> Add in the menu and open your version of spells.lbm (make sure it is called "spells.lbm" and nothing else). WinMPQ will prompt for a folder to add it under. The original spells.lbm, that you wish to replace, is called "lbm\spells.lbm", so just enter "lbm\". Now the original file will be replaced with yours.

WinMPQ will autosave everything you do, so just close down the program and it run the game. It will read the data from pic.mpq and thus load your custom spells.lbm instead of the original one (which is in "backup_pic.mpq"). To play the game with the original file, just rename the backup back into pic.mpq.

An alternate patching method (that still requires you to modify your MPQ-archive with WinMPQ like I described above but that don't require your to rename files back and forth) is to use MPQDraft, but you'll have to read about that program yourself :)

Hope that helped some, do post otherwise. The forums aren't very active as you can see though

Title: Re: ShadowFlare Patcher
Post by Boaster on Mar 17th, 2008, 11:29pm

I already use WinMPQ.  However, I am trying to find a method which others can use that isn't quite as complicated.

For instance, I would like an executable to be able to add the "spells.lbm" to pic.mpq, because the MPQ itself is well over 50 MB.

Having a patcher would really give me a lot more options as far as graphical replacements in this game.

Currently, people who want to use my mod for LOMSE can either add the files themselves with WinMPQ or download the modified pic.mpq.

A patcher would get the job done quick and easy, without my mod users needing to download a big file or try to work WinMPQ themselves.

Title: Re: ShadowFlare Patcher
Post by Ojan on Mar 21st, 2008, 6:24pm

Ah, I see.

ShadowFlare Patcher still isn't what you want. For this, the easiest thing is to use MPQDraft ( ).

Open up the program, click on "Create Self Executing MPQ". Give your mod a name, select your custom MPQ and specify an .exe to create. Click next, select LOM-SE, click next and then finish.

Now, you will have a small .exe-file that, when run, will path the game. It will only patch when you run from the .exe, if you run the game the normal way, it will be like usual (i.e. not modded).

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