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Normal Topic scm draft2 help (Read 941 times)

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scm draft2 help
Oct 20th, 2004 at 1:01am
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Im having sum trouble with scmdraft2. ive recently made a fastest map(which u can ask for from THENEEDYBOY on bnet any time, its a pleasure) and i was looking for an imput trigger thing (for fun) an i was  wondering where can i imput trigers? I cant fint the triggers pad. sounds noobie but dumb luck is dumb luck... id appreciate help.

eLLAA!! hey im greek, love to keep the greek ness going, love sc i draw a lot and really good, writte sc stories, phuck alot no such thing as too much Smiley YAMAN! uhm kick ass when u phuck wit me, so dont (JK), errrrr keep the greekness goin, and.....malaka!!
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