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I am seriously cheesed off (Read 1735 times)

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I am seriously cheesed off
May 27th, 2005, 10:41am
So I wanted to change the team colours on this map I'm making for broodwar.

Starforge conveniantly no longer works, it requires a .DLL file that I never removed and for some reason now need.

Then I realized that GUEdit no longer works either when I haven't touched it for yonks, can't remember the reason why, most likely something equally as stupid as starforge.

Then I read about SCM Toolkit, yeah, that sounds good, so I come here to get it. I download it, and yay, the problems start...

I downloaded it. Tried getting it to work.
.DLL file required. Great.

So I went and downloaded it, got it unzipped, yep, good.

Then I tried making the program work, told me that it couldn't find mpq2k.exe, so I altered some info in the options.

Then I tried to open a map I was making again, no mpq2k.exe problem this time... but oh no, here's a good kick in the ribs, 'Runtime Error: 14   Out of string space'. AWESOME.

So at that point I have absolutely NO idea how to get it to work (how come I can open maps with StarEdit or X-tra Editor without using all the string space, but li'l old SCM Toolkit makes me use it all? WTF???). Each time I try to get it to work it opens starcraft, so I took the starcraft disk out of my computer. No big deal, right?

So eventually I get all mega-irritated with it cause it isn't working, and then I try to open starcraft, and what do you know...it's been uninstalled. THANKS, SCM TOOLKIT, YOU'VE BEEN A REAL HELP.

Now I have to download all those bullshit battle.net files all over again on my 56k internet.

Go die, Shadow Flare.

/end complaint
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Re: I am seriously cheesed off
Reply #1 - May 27th, 2005, 10:02pm
How nice of you to flame her for all her research, programming and time working on this... She's produced a great program that's helped many, and yet she should "go die"? Sounds like you are uncapable of using a simple program... Go use SCMDraft if SCM Tool Kit doesn't work, instead of beeing rude to her. Jeez...
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