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MPQ Active X Control
Aug 16th, 2005 at 3:16am
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I am trying to use the Active X MPQ control that I downloaded from this website.  This seems to be the easiest interop solution for a .NET app I am writing.  I have installed and registered the ocx file, and referenced it correctly into my .NET project, and can create an instance of the control.  Unfortunately, any method on the instance that I call, always returns E_UNEXPECTED (HR=0x8000FFFF).

To try it outside the .NET environment, I installed the control into Borland C++ Builder and created an instance there correctly, but all methods also return the same result.

The documentation does not say anything about any further setup requirements (it says all libraries are statically linked, but to be sure I copied the lmpqapi.dll, staredit.dll and storm.dll files into the same directory as the ocx to no avail), nor any initialisation requirements.  I have called MpqInitialize() straight after instantiation, but this returns E_UNEXPECTED.

Do you have any ideas that might help me to use this control, or should I p/invoke the lmpqapi.dll file instead?

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