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Normal Topic Modifying WoW's in-game models (patch.mpq) (Read 3396 times)

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Modifying WoW's in-game models (patch.mpq)
Jul 9th, 2006 at 1:37am
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Before this most recent patch (1.11), it was possible to extract .m2 (models), .blp (textures), as well as other internal files embedded in WoW's mpq files and rename them to essentially switch around and have different models and textures for various elements in game.

Now, however, it is not possible. According to a select few coding gurus (who choose not to reveal details about the matter) it is still possible to change in-game models, but not by extracting .m2's and .blp's. It is only possible by supposedly modifying the mpq files themselves. Blizzard has supposedly implemented a change in which WoW will only read the mpq files, and not any files or folders added (ie. the extracted models/textures).

Now that I've provided you with a bit of a premise, I hope you will be able to help me solve my problem here. I've been messing around with WinMPQ for a while now. I'm trying to change a model in the game around to another model. 

First, I tried deleting the model that I wanted replaced (let's call this CharModel), and renaming the model I wanted to replace it with (NewModel) to the .m2 (CharModel) I just deleted. Since I renamed the NewModel I thought I should first extract NewModel to an external .m2 file, which I did, and then added the extracted file to replace the one I just renamed. So, basically:

EXTRACTED - Characters/NewModel/NewModel.m2

Characters/CharModel/Default.m2 - DELETED

Characters/NewModel/NewModel.m2 - RENAMED to Characters/CharModel/Default.m2

ADDED - Characters/NewModel/NewModel.m2

This however, gave me an error when I went to load my character into the game, and WoW crashed.

I then had to load my backup copy of patch.mpq (which is roughly 2GB) and suffice to say it took a while. Now I have other ideas in mind for going about this, but I want to be right the next time, that way I won't have to keep reloading my backed up copy of patch.mpq. 

I'm thinking that maybe I should have just switched the names around of CharModel and NewModel, as adding external (even though it was from the mpq itself) could have adverse affects. I was also looking for a copy function in the program so I wouldn't have to add or extract but I don't believe it exists. 

How can I do this correctly?
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