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update for sfmpq.dll (Read 7354 times)

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update for sfmpq.dll
Sep 16th, 2006, 11:34am

i just want to ask if there are some hope to see an update for the sfmpq.dll.

Some new world of warcraft mpq  are really big (more than 2G) and the sfmpq library seems to have some problems to handle this.
i have done a lot of search around internt and i found this information from this blog: http://www.cnitblog.com/linghuye

//  To open the new patch.mpq
 //  Error if mpq file is bigger than 2G
 fseek();     //  or
 lseek();     //  or
 ::SetFilePointer(hFile, dwHashTablePos,  0 , FILE_BEGIN);

 //  Correct
 _lseeki64();    //  or

li.QuadPart  =  dwHashTablePos;
::SetFilePointer(hFile, li.LowPart,  & li.HighPart, FILE_BEGIN);
So change the every fseek/SetFilePointer in stormlib or libmpq in WowModelViewer source code and recompile, we can open the new patch.mpq in WoW BC which is 2.7G. The mpq format is NOT changed, I am a fool to decode a new format from the begining.


maybe this can help i dont know.

thank a lot for your time anyway
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