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Normal Topic regarding the scm toolkit.... (Read 3123 times)

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regarding the scm toolkit....
Oct 14th, 2004 at 12:52am
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can any one tell me how to work the player color editor in scm, im a lil screwd up. i fix the colors which turn out real nice but they dont stay that way when i save the map! is that a bug, otherwise im really doin sumthin wrong!! makin a map and all.. n e ways.

eLLAA!! hey im greek, love to keep the greek ness going, love sc i draw a lot and really good, writte sc stories, phuck alot no such thing as too much Smiley YAMAN! uhm kick ass when u phuck wit me, so dont (JK), errrrr keep the greekness goin, and.....malaka!!
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