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Normal Topic Need help with SFmpqapi (Read 1918 times)


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Need help with SFmpqapi
Jul 3rd, 2007 at 10:54pm
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Ok I've been looking for something just like SFmpqapi now that I found it I'm very greatful to shadowfrench. Anyway I've been working with it but there's just not enough description about each function for me to do better then guess how to use them. And so far thats not working so well.

Note that I am proficient in visual basic.

Heres what i need:
A small example code on how to read from a specific file in a specific  mpq. (written in visual basic) It only needs to be a sample. I can extrapolate from there.
A way of determining which string in war3map.wts is the map name.
Where the number of playable players is, (file/line or way to find it)

Why I need it:
An idea came to me while i was looking through my map folder for something that might be fun. I have a bot and i have scripted for it a command to satisfy my every whim. My idea was to make a command to search through my maps for me and tell me the map name and number of playable players. That is relatively simple except making a .txt file containing the name of each map would take forever! So i decided I'd make something to extract all the names and playable players and stick them in a text file.

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