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Normal Topic D2 v1.11 Modding "Unhandled Error" (Read 7535 times)

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D2 v1.11 Modding "Unhandled Error"
Apr 9th, 2009 at 9:01am
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Hey everyone I just started modding D2 LoD v1.11b recently.

I have made a few new cube recipes and tweaked the runes so that they are all available in single player (ladder included).

The mod works fine when using the -direct -txt switch in the short cut to D2. No bugs, no crash, normal game play, nothing suss.

But if I use MPQView or WinMPQ to patch my Patch_D2.mpq file (thus making the mod easier to use for my friends) and try to play normally without the -direct and -txt switches that nuts house "unhandled error" cx000005 etc etc crap comes up the moment I try to load a character. Even with the switches, if I have replaced my Patch_D2.mpq with the modded version the game crashes at same point.

Any suggestions? I've tried using the latest version of WinMPQ and MPQView - and I have NO other mods so I am modding an otherwise clean Patch_D2.mpq file.

What I don't get is why it would work with the normal patch.mpq and not crash with the modded runes.txt and cubemain.txt (and respective .bin) files but if they are added to the MPQ it gently caresss up.

Script I use to patch:
o patch_D2.mpq
a runes.txt data\global\excel\runes.txt
a runes.txt data\global\excel\runes.bin
a cubemain.txt data\global\excel\cubemain.txt
a cubemain.txt data\global\excel\cubemain.bin
c patch_D2.mpq

Cheers guys.

Although I have made some new recipes they are not new items or rune words - they are just recipes for getting superior quality gear which is already part of the game - modded or not. Thought that info might be useful in case people ask straight away if I have crazy uber items on my character and I wonder why it doesn't load (I'm not THAT noob)
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