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April 1999

Friday, April 30, 1999

Aiscript.bin Editor Update - ShadowFlare - 08:21

I fixed some bugs in the program.


Thursday, April 29, 1999

Internal AI Scripts - ShadowFlare - 14:16

I made a cwad that includes an edited aiscript.bin I changed with my AIEdit. The patch allows you to use any AI script in Staredit. The Brood War AIs are set so Staredit rocognizes them as Brood War AIs. Some patches others have made have some AIs incorrectly set as Brood War AIs and others incorrectly set as normal Starcraft AIs.


Aiscript.bin Editor - ShadowFlare - 11:59

Here is an aiscript.bin editor that can change the labels, code pointers, and where the script is in Staredit.


Thursday, April 15, 1999

Starcraft Campaign Editor Patch Update - ShadowFlare - 14:19

There were a few things wrong with the files; here is the file with the corrections.


I created versions of the patches that allow you to save a map that has Brood War units as an SCM. It might not be useful, but I'm putting here still.


Tuesday, April 13, 1999

Starcraft Campaign Editor Patch Update - ShadowFlare - 14:27

Three new cwads are in The names have 'AR' in them. In these new patches, you can place units for any race for any player on the map. For example, you could place a command center for a zerg player without using a trigger. You can't place things over a start location though. :( The original patches are still in the zip file. You can place all the units first, place the start location away from everything else, save the file, then use the original patch and place the start location where you want it. The units from other races stay on the map when you aren't using the patch.

I removed '' because the size of the file would be larger than the total size of '' and Stardraft.

Click here to get full details on the patch.


Friday, April 09, 1999

Starcraft Campaign Editor Patches - ShadowFlare - 15:05

I changed the way some of the units were grouped in Staredit.

Click here to get full details on the patch.