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These software projects and any related files are licensed under what is commonly known as the Simplified BSD License, unless otherwise noted.

It is not mandatory to contribute back your changes if you release something based on this code, but please contribute back any useful changes that you can and would be willing to release.

Any license notices from the source code or any related files must be kept intact and the associated license.txt for a project must be distributed with any files that do not contain the license information.

Refer to license.txt in each project root for more information.

This source code is contained in repositories created by a tool called Git, available at ( Windows version at ). Documentation is available on the Git web site if you would like to know how to work with the repositories. If you have Git installed, you can download a repository with this command:

git clone repository_url

For example, to get SFmpq the command would be:

git clone

Refer to the list below for the repositories that are on this site. The main page for each project contains the URL for its repository.

To update an existing copy with the latest version of the source, from the directory of the source tree the command is as simple as:

git pull

If you would like to contribute a change, please contact me for more information.

These repositories are mirrored at
Project Description Owner Last Change
CwadLib.git Cwad reader library ShadowFlare 10 years ago
SComp.git Storm-compatible (de)compression ShadowFlare 11 years ago
SFmpqapi.git MPQ library, requires SComp ShadowFlare 10 years ago
WinMPQ.git MPQ editor for Windows ShadowFlare 13 years ago
grpapi.git GRP encoding/decoding library ShadowFlare 14 years ago