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January 2002

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

WinMPQ Bugfix - ShadowFlare - 16:31

I fixed an error in my code that finds filenames in a folder and its subfolders. I think that is what was giving the "Runtime error '76'" message. It should be fixed now.

Download WinMPQ

Heh... Another WinMPQ Update - ShadowFlare - 13:53

It's only been a couple of days since the last update, but I've had plently of free time and haven't had a shortage of ideas for things to add to WinMPQ. Here are the additions in this version:

-MPQ2k commands can be typed in at a box at the bottom of the WinMPQ window.
-WinMPQ now uses the startup parameters MPQ2k uses.
-Added recent file list to file menu.

Download WinMPQ

I've also fixed up a few things with the installation script and program for the Mpq Control, so if you've previously had trouble installing it, try the new installation program. If you already have the newest version working, you don't need to download this, it is only an update for the installation program.

Download Mpq Control

Monday, January 28, 2002

New Host - ShadowFlare - 13:29

This site will soon be moving to my new address at When I am finished moving my site, the main page at will be changed to a redirection page.

HUGE WinMPQ updates! - ShadowFlare - 12:02

There are enough updates in the newest version that the size of the .exe file is almost double what the previous version was. Here is a list of the changes/additions:

- Files can be dragged to WinMPQ to add files and from WinMPQ to extract files.
- Added compression auto-selection option.
- Added menu option that adds all the files in a folder and its subfolders.
- Added menu option to create a file list with the listed filenames in the MPQ archive.
- Added option to set the folder WinMPQ starts up at.
- Added option to associate MPQ archives with WinMPQ.
- The Delete menu option no longer asks if you want to delete a file when none is selected.
- The Extract menu option will now prompt you for the folder it will extract files to and will also extract all the listed files when none are selected.
- Added option to suppress prompts.
- Filenames are shown on the title bar.
- Added a toolbar.

Download WinMPQ

I also found out that MPQDraft will make the file I made named BrooCD.mpq work again for using different CDs in Brood War and having a Brood War spawn.

Download BrooCD.mpq

Monday, January 21, 2002

A few updates - ShadowFlare - 17:06

WinMPQ now has better support for Mo'PaQ 2000 scripts. The optional parameters are now optional as they should be. Also, the add command in scripts can now use wildcards and the /r switch.

I've also made some new modifications to the files Mo'Paq 2000 and my Mpq Control use. Now they can run without needing a staredit.exe file in every folder the programs are in. I also made a new installer for both. Now the Mpq Control should be able to be used on Windows NT/2000/XP.

Download WinMPQ
Download MpqControl
Download mpq2k_pack

Tuesday, January 08, 2002

Update for WinMPQ and MPQ Control - ShadowFlare - 22:44

I fixed a bug in WinMPQ that caused the audio compression options to work improperly. Audio compression will now work properly in WinMPQ. Fixing this also caused me to find a bug in the Mpq Control with the AddWavFile code not overwriting files. This bug is fixed now also. If you are downloading the new version of WinMPQ, make sure you also download the new version of the Mpq Control.

Download WinMPQ
Download Mpq Control