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October 2000

Tuesday, October 17, 2000

Scm Toolkit update - ShadowFlare - 09:35

I found what makes resized maps not be able to be opened in the campaign editor. Maps resized in this version can be opened if at least one dimension is a valid one. For example, a 32x64 map could be opened in the campaign editor, but opening a 32x32 will cause it to crash. This is a limitation of the campaign editor, not Scm Toolkit.

I also added a few features for opening/saving maps. Here is a section from ScmToolkit.txt describing all of the changes:

- The isometrics section is resized now when changing map
sizes, but it only changes the size of the section
properly. Resized maps can now be opened in the Campaign
Editor as long as at least one of the map dimensions is
a valid one, but changing the tiles on the map doesn't
work very well on a resized map.
- Added support for opening/saving the campaign maps from
the CDs through one of the options.
- Scm Toolkit no longer depends on the file extension to
find the file type.
- Files extracted from compressed files are checked to see
if they exist.
- Scm Toolkit tells you when you need mpq2k to open a map
if you don't have mpq2k.


Monday, October 02, 2000

Scm Toolkit update - ShadowFlare - 09:43

I added a string table editor to Scm Toolkit. The interface for it is similar to TblPad's interface, but has a box above where you type that displays the text in the same colors StarCraft would use. I also made Scm Toolkit display the map's title and description so you can identify maps you open.