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October 2006

Friday, October 27, 2006

SCMLoader 1.21 beta available - ShadowFlare - 15:52

With version 1.21, custom cursors included in the scm/scx will be loaded if running Starcraft/Brood War 1.14. It should be working just fine, but I need more people to test it before I include it in the 1.21 release.

Download SCMLoader beta

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bug fix for GRPAPI - ShadowFlare - 12:06

When I added support for reading uncompressed GRPs, it introduced a bug which could cause it to improperly detect frames in certain images as uncompressed. One image that this affected was the psi assault graphic in cmdicons.grp. This update fixes it.

Download GRPAPI

I have also uploaded the most recent build of my GRP converter which includes the updated GRPAPI. This build has support for creating uncompressed GRPs (used for certain ones in Starcraft) and possibly some other changes (but I don't remember right now...).

Download SFGrpConv

Friday, October 06, 2006

GRPAPI Bug Fixes and New Program - ShadowFlare - 04:08

I have found and fixed a couple of bugs in the GRP encoder related to the encoding of large images. One could cause excessive clipping of the image on some large images. The other bug could cause buffer overflows on images with rows containing greater than 252 non-repeating pixels.

Download GRPAPI

I have also created a program for converting between .BMP and .GRP images that uses GRPAPI for decoding and encoding GRP images. The development of it actually even helped me find out about those bugs in GRPAPI.

This converter has some features which are not in common with the other existing programs. One I can think of off-hand is the capability to use bitmaps of varying sizes when converting them all to a single GRP. There are still at least a couple more features that I will add later. For example, it currently isn't able to take advantage of GRPAPI's capability to create uncompressed GRPs, but a later version will. These are used in a few places in Starcraft.

I may later release the source code for it, but for now I'm just uploading the program only and without any documentation.

Download SFGrpConv