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November 2002

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

New WinMPQ features! (finally!) - ShadowFlare - 11:14

I have changed WinMPQ to use SFmpq instead of Mpq Control, so it has some new features!

1) It will list all files in the archive, including unknowns and ones with the same name but a different language code.

2) File encryption can be enabled or disabled through a menu option.

3) Files can be added with Warcraft III's new compression type.

Download WinMPQ

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

New MPQDraft plugin - ShadowFlare - 12:40

Today I uploaded a new MPQDraft plugin that can be used to add the capability to extract files with Warcraft 3's compression from any program that uses storm.dll without needing to use Warcraft 3's storm.dll. This enables you to use that compression type on files in archives for any games or editors included with them that were made before Warcraft 3, unlike with just replacing storm.dll.

Download SFComp

I've also updated setup.exe in again. Now it will look in the same folder as the program for the file to install, rather than just the current directory. This fixes the problem with being unable to just open up setup.exe directly from the zip file in Windows XP or WinZip.

Monday, November 04, 2002

Setup.exe in fixed - ShadowFlare - 09:41

I made a new setup.exe written in C++ to replace the VB one a little while ago, but it didn't register the control properly. I've uploaded a fix for it. Now it should be able to register it properly.