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November 2006

Monday, November 27, 2006

Small Update for GRPAPI - ShadowFlare - 18:36

I have added a new function to GRPAPI to get the size of an individual frame and not just the size of the frames overall in the GRP.

Download GRPAPI

Sunday, November 26, 2006

SCMLoader Feature Preview 2 - ShadowFlare - 23:07

I have made some custom images for the loading screens and added support for them in SCMLoader. However, since they are fairly large compared with the size of SCMLoader, I am having them as an optional download (SCMLoader's zip archive is ~45 KB, while the images are ~400 KB total). For the custom loading images to be used, SCMLoader_Data.mpq must be in the same folder as SCMLoader.

This version also has another new feature: it has an alternate patcher which can be used for running SCMLoader in WINE on Linux. To use it, put SCMLoader's files in the same directory as starcraft.exe and run (or the command "sh").

Download SCMLoader beta
Download loading screen images for SCMLoader

Friday, November 17, 2006

SCMLoader Feature Preview - ShadowFlare - 00:17

I've recently been working on having loading screens for when SCMLoader forces a reload of graphics; this is my current progress on it so far. It currently just uses images from stardat.mpq and it has a simple progress bar to show the loading status. I will later put in custom images for the background and for the progress bar.

Download SCMLoader beta

Friday, November 10, 2006

SCMLoader 1.21 Released - ShadowFlare - 12:45

- In-game cursors are now patchable.
- Previous SCMLoader versions performed a little more extensive patches to Starcraft.exe and Storm.dll in memory; these have been reduced to the minimum required, so that SCMLoader will be compatible with's updated version checking. None of the existing functionality should be reduced by this change.
- Fixed a bug that would cause the self-patcher for SCMLoader to crash on some systems if not placed in the same folder as Starcraft.exe

Download SCMLoader

Friday, November 03, 2006

IceCC Update - ShadowFlare - 16:15

Sometime recently I got my hands on the source code for the last IceCC version released, and I decided to update it. These are the changes (compared with the original IceCC, not the "IceCC Fix" release):

- Does not need to be placed at C:\IceCC, it will work where ever you put it as long as all the required files are located with it.
- By default will name scripts by a list of names for the iscript IDs, rather than basing the name off of an images list. This can be overridden by a parameter (-n) to use the original behavior.
- Identified more animation types; none are labeled as unknown anymore.
- Fixed the parameters of a few opcodes.
- Renamed many opcodes so they would have more fitting names. (a list of the new names is included)
- More specific names on "local" labels. (for example, "BroodlingLocal00" instead of just "local00")

Very little has been changed with the other files included with IceCC, however. The manual and the lists of sprites, images, and iscript IDs need to be updated. (not as much the iscript IDs, though, since the list is from the more recent one included with DatEdit)

Download IceCC