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November 2007

Thursday, November 29, 2007

SFGrpConv Bug Fix - ShadowFlare - 03:17

This update fixes an issue with the RLE decoder that caused certain bitmap images to be decoded improperly. If it breaks decoding of any RLE-encoded bitmaps, please let me know (and send a sample for me to test).

Download SFGrpConv

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Small IceCC Update - ShadowFlare - 21:23

This small update changes the name of one of the animation types to be more correct. InitTurret has been renamed to StarEditInit. I had known about it since last year, so this update was long overdue. I have also updated the descriptions a bit in the opcodes list and added a file with a list of the animation names and descriptions of at least the most common uses for them.

This release also includes versions of icecc.exe and icedc.exe that use the classic names for the animation types and opcodes (classic_icecc.exe and classic_icedc.exe respectively). They have all of the same enhancements and fixes, except for using the old names. These can be useful for old scripts or for those who don't want to switch to a new set of animation or opcode names but want a more complete IceCC.

Download IceCC