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February 2002

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

New program - ShadowFlare - 23:28

I made an editor for the isometrics data in Starcraft maps. It can be used to fill the ISOM section with a value, or to fix the ISOM section when resizing maps with Scm Toolkit.

Download IsomEdit

Monday, February 25, 2002

WinMPQ fixes and new Mpq Control - ShadowFlare - 14:21

Here are the changes for WinMPQ:

-Adding a large number of files to an archive will no longer corrupt the file list in the archive.
-Script output will now start displaying immediately, rather than after a few lines have executed.

Download WinMPQ

If you download the new version of WinMPQ, but haven't yet downloaded Mpq Control 1.58, download it, also. WinMPQ 1.47 is dependent on some new things in Mpq Control 1.58.

Download Mpq Control

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

WinMPQ is faster now - ShadowFlare - 14:54

I found a way to make WinMPQ open mpq archives faster. I also made WinMPQ show it's progress when opening archives.

Download WinMPQ

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

More WinMPQ features - ShadowFlare - 16:04

More added features for WinMPQ! Here is a list of the additions:

-Combined all the options under the options menu into one dialog box with tabs.
-You may now load multiple file lists through the options menu.
-When dragging only one file from WinMPQ, the exact filename will always be given to the program you drag the file to, instead of using wildcards.
-The filenames in the archive listing are now updated when using the rename or delete commands through the mpq2k command box.
-Added extra names of existing commands.
-Almost has full support for Mpq2k scripts.

Download WinMPQ

If you download the new version of WinMPQ, but haven't yet downloaded Mpq Control 1.56, download it, also. Some of WinMPQ 1.45's new features are dependent on Mpq Control 1.56's new features.

Download Mpq Control

Saturday, February 16, 2002

A few updates - ShadowFlare - 22:27

I've fixed WinMPQ's bugs which are specific to Windows 2000 and XP and a few other things. Here is a list of the updates:

-Fixed a bug that caused WinMPQ to be unable to create or enumerate registry keys on Windows NT4, 2000, or XP.
-Fixed some bugs with the popup menu that appears when right-clicking files.
-WinMPQ now notifies Windows when it associates itself with files, so Windows will update the icon for MPQ archives.
-Added more checks for whether files exist. This was done to prevent crashes in some instances.

Download WinMPQ

I've also updated the Mpq Control. The new version fixes some bugs and adds a few features. It's setup program also works properly on win2k and xp now.

Download MpqControl

I've recompiled my Mpq Control with the version 1.00 code to make a version compatible with the Mpq Control version of Scm Toolkit. Now that version will work properly.

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Fix for an old WinMPQ bug - ShadowFlare - 14:09

I fixed a bug that caused a division by zero error when adding or listing files with a size of zero bytes. This bug has existed since the first version of WinMPQ, but I hadn't even seen this until recently. I guess I never had any zero byte files to add. ;)

Download WinMPQ

Monday, February 11, 2002

Another WinMPQ bug fix - ShadowFlare - 14:07

There was another bug caused by one of the new features, although this one was only a minor one. WinMPQ would check on open files even while the options window is open. This caused a message saying "This file is not an MPQ archive." to show when the options window is opened after you've opened files in the MPQ archive. This is fixed now.

Download WinMPQ

Saturday, February 09, 2002

WinMPQ bug fix - ShadowFlare - 22:29

I fixed the bug that was in the new version which prevented new files from being created.

Download WinMPQ

Friday, February 08, 2002

First program update since site move - ShadowFlare - 23:14

I've added a few more features to WinMPQ and changed a few things.

-Added a file filter box for making WinMPQ display files with a certain file extension (separate filters with a semicolon ; for multiple filters).
-Added "Tools" menu for using the open mpq archive or the selected files in a program other than what they are associated with (example: a hex editor).
-Made some improvements with the way files are handled when opening a file in an MPQ archive or dragging files from an MPQ archive.
-Command prompt commands may be typed into the Mpq2k Command box at the bottom of the window.

Download WinMPQ

Tuesday, February 05, 2002

Site move finished - ShadowFlare - 01:10

I am finished transfering the site and everything works the way it should.

Friday, February 01, 2002

Site move starting - ShadowFlare - 20:32

I will be moving/configuring my new site, so I'm temporarily disabling the news comments and message board so no files will be changed while I'm moving it. The moment I finish, this site will be a redirection page to my new address.

More additions to WinMPQ - ShadowFlare - 20:14

Heh... This is the fourth WinMPQ update this week. Here is a list of the additions:

-Added a popup-menu that allows you to open a file with a program other than the default.
-WinMPQ can now be set to open a program other than the default when opening a file from an MPQ archive.
-When you open a file from an MPQ archive and modify it, WinMPQ will display a prompt asking if you want to add the modified file.
-Added option to disable loading extra file information. This can be used to make MPQ archives load faster.

Download WinMPQ