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June 2001

Friday, June 29, 2001

Mpq Control update - ShadowFlare - 23:48

I am done updating my Mpq Control for lmpqapi version 2.0. The new version fixes all of the major bugs and has a few new features. It probably isn't compatible with the older version, but most programs will probably only need to be recompiled to work with the new version.

With this update to Mpq Control, I also have made another modified version of staredit.exe. This modification is even better than the previous one. It allows any number of mpq archivers to run at once.

I also have created an mpq archiver as an example of a program using the Mpq Control. I have also provided the source code for this program as a separate download. If you program in Visual Basic, you could try looking at it to see how I use the Mpq Control, what some of my mpq editor related code looks like, or other things that have to do with how I program in VB.

Download WinMPQ

Thursday, June 21, 2001

StarCraft v1.08b - ShadowFlare - 15:36

I've tested all my programs with StarCraft v1.08b and the only one that didn't work was StarExeHack. Any claims that any others don't work are false. Even though I no longer have the code for it, with some hex editing I modified StarExeHack so that it works with StarCraft v1.08b. I still is compatible with previous versions, also.