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July 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

SFmpq and Grp libraries are now open source - ShadowFlare - 20:43

I have decided to release the source code to my SFmpq and Grp libraries licensed under the Simplified BSD License. The source code is contained in repositories created by a tool called Git, available at ( Windows version at ). Documentation is available on the Git web site if you would like know how to work with the repositories.

If you have Git installed, you may download the repositories for SFmpq with these commands:

git clone
git clone

And download the repository for grpapi with this:

git clone

To update an existing copy with the latest version of the source, from the directory of the source tree the command is as simple as:

git pull

If you just want to quickly get a copy of the latest source code, it may be available in zip file form from the directory at the link below. The repository directories are also at that location.

View projects directory

The repositories can also be browsed with gitweb here: