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August 2006

Monday, August 28, 2006

SCMLoader 1.10 Released - ShadowFlare - 10:28

This new version is able to detect whether running it on a supported Starcraft version so that it can support multiple versions and also won't crash any more on unsupported versions. As of this version, it supports Brood War 1.13f and 1.14.

In addition to version detection, it is now able to dynamically add the "Use Map Settings (SCMLoader)" game type rather than having to use a pre-made MPQ archive for it.

There are more features still to come in the upcoming releases, so check back here at least once in a while. :)

Download SCMLoader

Friday, August 25, 2006

SCMLoader Beta Updated for Brood War 1.14 - ShadowFlare - 12:36

No more features have been added yet, compared with the previous one... However, I have updated it for Brood War 1.14 (might work with Starcraft 1.14 as well), and I have also tweaked the timing of when it forces a reload of the in-game graphics. Now it won't black out the screen any more when picking maps and the number of reloads should be at least slightly reduced.

Download SCMLoader beta