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September 2006

Monday, September 18, 2006

SCMLoader 1.20 Released - ShadowFlare - 16:48

The new version I mentioned in the last SCMLoader news post that I would be working on is here! :) Here is a list of the updates:

- Added support for Brood War 1.07, 1.10, 1.11b, and 1.12b.
- Checks for modified files related to graphics before forcing Starcraft to reload them; significantly reduces the load time of maps not containing modified graphics.
- A list of additional MPQ archives to load along with the scm/scx map may now be included. For example, this may be used to have optional graphics/sound/music packs which contain files that are not critical to actual gameplay.
- New executable for self-patcher which does not use MPQDraft and has its own new SCMLoader icon.
- Automatically checks for updates and notifies when a new version is available. (can be disabled)
- New configuration program which can change the update notification setting and will later have other options to configure.
- Now works properly with Data Execution Prevention in Windows XP SP2 and other Windows versions which use it.
- Fixed a crashing bug related to including a music\playlist.txt file in the plain list format.
- Fixed a crash that would occur when exiting Starcraft while running SCMLoader on Windows 9x.

Download SCMLoader

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New GRP library Features - ShadowFlare - 16:52

A new version of my GRP library has been uploaded which supports creating new GRP files. I worked on the GRP encoding until it was good enough that it could re-encode a GRP file and end up with the exact same result as the encodings done by Blizzard for the games.

It also now supports extracting the image data by palette index rather than just getting the actual colors.

Download GRPAPI