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September 2009

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fix for a recently introduced SFmpq bug - ShadowFlare - 18:58

Last month one of my bug fixes for SFmpq introduced another bug, which prevented reusing names of files that once existed in the archive. I've updated the WinMPQ packages with a new build of SFmpq.dll containing the fix.

Download WinMPQ

Monday, September 21, 2009

SCMLoader 1.30 Released - ShadowFlare - 18:32

Changes since the 1.30 beta version:

- Supports StarCraft 1.16.1.
- Updates to some patching code to make it more compatible with other plugin loaders.
- Loading screens are no longer a separate download. They are now embedded in SCMLoader.qdp in scmloader\optionaldata.mpq.
- Deeper levels of nesting archives within another are supported.
- Version-specific offsets and data are no longer hardcoded. They are now stored in a file called scmloader\versiondata.ini in an MPQ archive embedded in SCMLoader.qdp.

Download SCMLoader

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Playlist Plugin Update - ShadowFlare - 06:29

I've updated the patching code used by my playlist plugin to fix some things and make it more compatible in various cases. This makes it compatible with Data Execution Prevention and somehow happened to fix a crashing issue it had with FireGraft.

Download Playlist Plugin for MPQDraft

The same update will also be included in the next SCMLoader release, though the only noticeable effect will be that it may make it compatible with FireGraft's loader (which isn't relevant to SCMLoader, for the most part). SCMLoader was already using a version of the patching code updated to be compatible with Data Execution Prevention.