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Current News

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Fixed links in site - ShadowFlare - 08:08

As finally went down, I decided to go through and fix all the relevant links that still referred to it. Most references to http instead of https should also be fixed now. I have not yet updated any old URLs mentioned by any downloads, like programs or their documentation, however.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Updated site to encrypted HTTPS - ShadowFlare - 20:00

Today I've added HTTPS support on my web server with a valid certificate (just a free one from Let's Encrypt). Mainly I've added this to secure forum logins. There are still some pages that use HTTP:// links (but will be redirected to HTTPS) and may either give an insecure warning about images/scripts or not load some things properly, depending on the web browser you use, but things should overall be working. I also need to do an overall cleanup eventually with converting all links to the current URL or relative links, which will fix both at the same time.

Friday, January 18, 2013

SFmpqapi update and cwad library added to downloads - ShadowFlare - 14:20

In SFmpqapi there was a bug in the code that looks for free hash table entries when you add or rename files in an MPQ that could prevent adding or renaming files if every hash table entry had previously been used, even if files are deleted. A fix for this has been uploaded and a new build packaged with WinMPQ. Though maybe not useful for many, the build packaged with WinMPQ is now compatible with Windows 9x again (until recently, I was not aware that I had broken compatibility).

There was also a bug that did not affect WinMPQ but would affect programs that attempt to use file seek operations that do not use the beginning of the file as the reference point.

For developers using SFmpqapi and wanting to use a more current version, for a long time it has been necessary to either use the DLL bundled with WinMPQ or compile your own from source. Today I have uploaded a set of new binaries and the latest header files for those who prefer using the binary package rather than compiling their own.

I have also added a link in the downloads page to the cwad library that WinMPQ uses. It has existed in the download folder on this site and the link had been given out on some forums, but until now I had not added a link on the downloads page. A new version has been uploaded that fixes the same seek bug SFmpqapi had and prevents a lockup that can happen when listing files from an empty cwad archive. The new version has been added to the WinMPQ package.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Forum registration changed to require approval by me - ShadowFlare - 14:47

Due to spam accounts and posts, I've changed the forum settings to require my approval on account registrations. I don't check this site daily, so if I'm not approving your account in a timely manner, feel free to send me an e-mail reminder.

If you are a spammer or your account name looks like a spammer name, do not bother sending me an e-mail to have me check your account for approval.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

WinMPQ support for archives > 2 GB but < 4 GB - ShadowFlare - 01:41

Changes since the last version:

- Fixed bug that prevented 2 - 4 GB archives from being recognized.
- Supports bzip2 compression option.
- Changed hotkeys to allow Ctrl+A to select all.
- Fixed no listing bug on archives having a one entry hash table.

Download WinMPQ

SCMLoader Update - ShadowFlare - 01:23

Changes since the last version:

- Added support for MPQDraft plugins. No launcher is available yet for picking plugins.
- Added a FireGraft version data file for StarCraft 1.10.

To use the ThunderGraft plugin in an all-in-one SCMLoader mod exe, download this file and follow the included instructions:

Download SCMLoader

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Update to WinMPQ CWAD converter - ShadowFlare - 22:17

I discovered a bug in my CWAD library that could cause it to crash after listing files and potentially cause other weird errors if it didn't crash. The WinMPQ and CWAD library packages have been updated with the fix for this bug.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fix for a recently introduced SFmpq bug - ShadowFlare - 18:58

Last month one of my bug fixes for SFmpq introduced another bug, which prevented reusing names of files that once existed in the archive. I've updated the WinMPQ packages with a new build of SFmpq.dll containing the fix.

Download WinMPQ

Monday, September 21, 2009

SCMLoader 1.30 Released - ShadowFlare - 18:32

Changes since the 1.30 beta version:

- Supports StarCraft 1.16.1.
- Updates to some patching code to make it more compatible with other plugin loaders.
- Loading screens are no longer a separate download. They are now embedded in SCMLoader.qdp in scmloader\optionaldata.mpq.
- Deeper levels of nesting archives within another are supported.
- Version-specific offsets and data are no longer hardcoded. They are now stored in a file called scmloader\versiondata.ini in an MPQ archive embedded in SCMLoader.qdp.

Download SCMLoader

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Playlist Plugin Update - ShadowFlare - 06:29

I've updated the patching code used by my playlist plugin to fix some things and make it more compatible in various cases. This makes it compatible with Data Execution Prevention and somehow happened to fix a crashing issue it had with FireGraft.

Download Playlist Plugin for MPQDraft

The same update will also be included in the next SCMLoader release, though the only noticeable effect will be that it may make it compatible with FireGraft's loader (which isn't relevant to SCMLoader, for the most part). SCMLoader was already using a version of the patching code updated to be compatible with Data Execution Prevention.

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