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IceCC v1.3

This is an iscript.bin (Starcraft image script) decompiler and compiler. It comes in the package as 3 separate programs: the console-mode decompiler and compiler (icedc and icecc) and IceCCUI (requires Java Runtime Environment). No other iscript.bin decompiler and compiler set is more correct on the names of animation types or its list of opcodes. Based on the source code for the original IceCC by DI.

Required Files for Windows (732 KB) Last updated 8:58 PM November 10, 2007 - by DI/Magnus99/Jeff Pang (updated by ShadowFlare) - Total downloads: 6589
IceCCUI requires Java Runtime Environment - Get it at

Required Files for MacOS 10 (787 KB) Last updated 3:44 PM January 6, 2008 - Compiled and packaged by Lord_Jeremy - Total downloads: 3243
IceCCUI requires Java Runtime Environment - Get it at

As per the GPL terms (the original license on IceCC), here is the source code. It should be compilable on most, if not all, platforms. (709 KB) Last updated 8:59 PM November 10, 2007 - Total downloads: 3052