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SFmpqapi v1.07

This zip file contains an lmpqapi-compatible/storm-compatible dll library that reads/writes mpq archives without staredit or storm. The zip file also contains C++ header files, the necessary .lib files, and a Visual Basic module with the constants and VB declarations for the functions. (166 KB) Last updated 2:57 PM December 9, 2002 - by ShadowFlare - Total downloads: 10058

For a more recent build with various fixes and enhancements, including somewhat updated MPQ support, get the following file instead. Though I have marked it as beta, it is only because some of the other included materials still need to be updated with the latest information before I package it as non-beta. These versions had only previously been bundled with WinMPQ or available by compiling from source. (248 KB) Last updated 12:06 PM January 18, 2013 - by ShadowFlare - Total downloads: 1450

I have also made a Linux port of SFmpqapi. It has full decompression support, but currently can only compress with Zlib compression (used by Warcraft 3). Note that this is a very old version and may not even work on recent Linux distributions. Compiling it from the more recent source code, which even in Linux has the full functionality of the Windows version now, is recommended.

SFmpq.tgz (115 KB) Last updated 2:58 PM December 9, 2002 - by ShadowFlare - Total downloads: 6039

Source code is also available