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Spawning StarCraft: Brood War

Follow these steps to create your own spawned Brood War.

Note: This procedure requires MPQDraft. MPQDraft may be downloaded from You will also need an MPQ file named BrooCD.mpq, which has a few files from the Brood War CD. Download

(1) Install the spawned StarCraft.
(2) Move or copy StarDat.mpq from the spawn to another folder.
(3) Uninstall the spawn.
(4) Install the registered StarCraft and Brood War.
(5) Move StarDat.mpq from the spawn into the folder for registered StarCraft.
(6) Install the latest patch for Brood War.

To play your Brood War spawn, follow these steps:

(1) Run MPQDraft
(2) Click "Load MPQ Patch"
(3) Select StarCraft for the game and click next
(4) Add BrooCD.mpq to list and put a check by it
(5) Add Patch_rt.mpq from your StarCraft folder to the list and put a check by it
(6) Move Patch_rt.mpq above BrooCD.mpq in the list
(7) If you want to load any other patches put them above Patch_rt.mpq in the list
(8) Click Next, then Finish.

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