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.tbl files (Diablo II text strings)

This is not complete. If you have any corrections/additional information about anything here, e-mail me.

Descriptions of the data types used here:
bytean unsigned byte value
shortan unsigned 2 byte value
longan unsigned 4 byte value
texta text string of single byte characters

OffsetData TypeValueDescription
2String ID countshortThis defines the number of string ID's in the file.
4String table entry countshortThis defines the number of entries in the string table.
6Unknownshort0This seems to always be zero, but it could be part of the previous value.
8Constant?byte1This seems to always be 1.
9First stringlongOffset to the first string in the string text.
13UnknownlongCould have something to do with the unknown below.
17Last string endlongOffset to the end of the last string in the string text.
21String ID list?shortThese seem to be ID numbers for the strings. There are as many of these as defined by the count in the header.

Next is the string table, which starts after the string ID list mentioned above. The number of entries in this table is defined by the count in the header.

String table entry
OffsetData TypeValueDescription
0Constant?byte1This seems to always be 1.
1String ID?shortThis may be the string ID.
7String name offsetlongOffset to a null-terminated string name.
11String offsetlongOffset to a null-terminated string.
15String lengthshortLength of the string including the null character at the end.

The rest of the file is the actual string data. The start and end of this data is stored in the header.

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