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.tbl files (Starcraft/Warcraft II BNE text strings)

Descriptions of the data types used here:
bytean unsigned byte value
shortan unsigned 2 byte value
longan unsigned 4 byte value
texta text string of single byte characters

Data TypeValueDescription
String countshortThis defines the number of text strings in the file.
Offset to stringshortThis is the offset to the actual text data. There are as many offsets as there are strings.
String datatextThis is the string data that the offsets point to.

There are a few ways to find the end of a string. Here are three of them:

(1) Check the offset of the next string to find how much longer it is than the current one. This is probably the quickest way to do it and usually finds the correct length of the string, but it will not work with certain .tbl files.

(2) Check the offsets of every string. This method is the slowest one, but will always find the correct length.

(3) Look for a null character to signal the end of the string. I think this is the way Blizzard games do it, but it probably would not be the best way to do it for a .tbl file editor.

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